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Summer Camp 2017

That time of the year has come again to think about holidays!!! However this time we’re doing it a lot earlier, for better planning. We’ve  discovered an excellent self catering accommodation in Bideford with on-site play and swimming  facilities. We have also located some exciting activities in the locality for your children. The choice in this case is yours. Here’s a comprehensive list of  everything together with pricesPrices are changing due to summer rush.The accommodation has gone up and as people have complained about the price, we’ve made one of the activities optional.

Dates 31st July to 7th August 2017
Accommodation: £99.99
1. Milky way adventure: £13.50
2. Coombe wildlife dinosaur park (optional)
3. Exmoor Zoo: £12.95
Total per person for the whole week: £126.44
We need a response by tomorrow morning so if you’re interested you need to pay a non refundable deposit of £20 which is required from our hosts.
Zion’s account details  are as follows.
Sort code 205333
Acct no 83813959
Website of the park:   parkdeanResorts.co.uk/BidefordBay

Summer Camp 2016

Hello Zion parents and friends,

That time of the year has come again to think about holidays!!! However this time we’re doing it a lot earlier, for better planning. We’ve discovered an excellent self catering accommodation in North Wales with on-site play and swimming  facilities. We have also located some exciting activities in the locality for your children. The choice in this case is yours. Here’s a comprehensive list of everything together with prices per child.

Week 1
Dates: 25th Jul to 1st Aug 2016

Accommodation, travel and food plus activities: £399

  1. Tram trip up the great Orme and an interesting visit to the copper mines.
  2. Greenwood forest park – an exciting fun filled adventure centre including a little fee for transport

We’ve also got details of other activities like surfing, kayaking, zip climbing, treetop adventure, etc.: £100

Total for week 1: £499

Week 2
Dates: 1st to 8th Aug

New Beach holiday park an excellent park with lots of fun activities to do. Your children will never be bored. Activities include play equipment, swimming pool, beach as well as local visits to tourist attractions. We will also take the children on educational trips to the Science Museum, the History Museum where the children will learn about dinosaurs and other things to do with our past, present and future.

Accommodation, transport and food: £399

Excellent activities on site and also trips to include tour around London by bus and boat ride and visits to London Eye, HMS Belfast and other attractions: £100

Total for week 2: £499

Total for 2 weeks: £998

We need a response by 20th March so if you’re interested you need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £100 which is required from our hosts.



www.iwm.org.uk › visits › hms-belfast

Details of how to book are enclosed herewith togerher with forms and documents required.

We reserve the right to change or vary events or prices due to availability or other reasons.

Youth Summer Holiday Club

Date: 3rd to 17th Aug


climbingNothing like a sense of wild adventure to make your child really want to dig deeper and discover more. We at ZCA have painstakingly pieced together learning outside the classroom activities to support the participants meet the needs of their curriculum in the different subject areas through diagnostic testing and provide them with hands-on relevant learning while with us on the 2 weeks holiday club.

We’ve gone to all the lengths to ensure that your children will be wowed with so much fun and activities as well as putting them on the cutting edge of their educational experience.

DO YOU KNOW: Sharks cannot swim backwards? In order to prevent suffocation, sharks must keep seawater flowing through their open mouths and over their gills to breathe. COME ALONG AND LEARN MORE!

Sightseeing in London

Our participants including your child will discover the 8th Wonder of the world; as they travel the world from the rain forest to the warm Mediterranean discovering the beautiful landscape and story of plants that have changed the world and which could change their future while exploring the sights, smells and sheer scale of the largest green houses.

2 day trip to Botanical Education centre where students will have unforgettable experiences about plants and living organisms from all over the world. Youngsters will be shown the tremendous research that has gone into plants and conservation. They will be given lectures and tours about different plants and some that are being preserved from extinction.  This will enhance their learning in biology, geography and they will be given talks and training where children will see and learn about how to grow plants trees from all climates in the world and how to artificially conserve them in bio-space with a greenhouse effect.

This Year’s Activities

Time table of events     

3rd to 6th Aug – Arrival  and pick up Venue: Ironbridge

Children will do diagnostic tests in English and Math then visit world heritage museums where they will have activities like tile painting, etc.

6th to 17th Aug  – Holiday Centre Sightseeing and shopping day in London

1 week of English and Mathematics

In the mornings children will receive tuition based on their individual abilities detected by the diagnostic tests to complete a number of Christian based workbooks to increase their proficiency in both subjects. Day trips to World of adventure Activity Centre.

In the afternoons – trips to Sport and Educational Activity Centre. Rest and packing day together with celebrating and awarding event Departure.

They will visit zoos, activity centres, science and history museums as well as tours of London, day trips to sport and activity centres – an ABTA recognised holiday centre that will not only give your children the activity and sport to keep their mind and body occupied during the long vacation holiday, it will also provide skills in sport, outside adventure and career based activities that will help them discover the talent and skills hidden within. They will be engaged in the following;-

  • Kids Club activities
  • Touring & Camping
  • Boating & Water sport
  • Children’s play area
  • Outdoor pool
  • Award Winning Beach

The final weekend will be spent on board HMS Belfast where the children will have an exceptional experience of World War II museum and cabins and will be able to explore the ship while 8-18 year old will be able to have a kip in the ship overnight.

Total cost will be communicated when you indicate your interest.

ZCA is a young people’s club that provides excellent educational fun activities for children during the holiday season.

Included in the activities that we provide is also holiday tuition from a Christian curriculum called Accelerated Christian Education.

We are very keen to promote excellent behaviour so we would ask you to sign a consent form which will have our code of conduct, behaviour and ethics.  Your children will also be required to sign that they will abide by the terms of operation.

How we operate

Your children arrive here in the UK and from then on we take responsibility for your children and ensure that they are safe.

You will be responsible for getting visas and obtaining flights for your children.  We will forward you with the confirmed bookings of your children’s events to help them obtain their visas if this is their first visit to the UK.

Obviously we will have to liaise with you regarding the flights that they will be booked on.  This year we require all parents to take full responsibility for flight arrangements.

We will need a full transfer of all funds to ensure your commitment and to allow us to reserve places for your children by 18th March.


Our staff are well trained educationalists who have current DBS checks and are cleared.  They are courteous, kind and considerate that will take good care of your children. The educational resorts we work with have been established in the UK for many years and are reputable.  One of them has  been used for internationally known awards like the Duke of Edinburgh award. We can ensure that your children have a fun, educational and activity packed holiday. Reserve your child’s place now or you might be too late.

Safety is ensured because we only work with professionals who are checked and the activity centres are registered with all appropriate bodies. One of the organisations we are working with was one of the first in the UK to be awarded the new Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge. This is a government recognised scheme that is given to organisations that offer high quality safe educational experiences to young people.

Our etiquette programmes will be run by professionals who will deliver well organised activities that will change the lives and mannerisms of your children.

The botanical centre is an internationally known organisation that offers agricultural advancement that will wow your children and will widen their scope of learning in the area of plants and living organisms all over the world.

Consent Form

Terms and Conditions

  • Participants should make payment in full before or by the end of May.
  • Participants will be required to make their own visa applications and should be made individually and ZCA undertakes to assist with the provision of booking confirmations and other documentation after the payment of registration fee as stated in the schedule.
  • Participants should obtain a medical report from their doctors showing they are in good health and that they have obtained the relevant vaccinations prior to the date of travel (malaria and typhoid)
  • Participants and their parents should sign a legal undertaking before a Notary/Solicitor that they will return with their escorts at the end of excursion and their passports will be retained by officials of ZCA during the entirety of their stay in the UK. Failing which ZCA reserves the right to commence repatriation proceedings against the said participant if they do not comply.
  • ZCA reserves the right to cancel the said excursion or change the date if required and will return all payments; including advance fee, set out overleaf in the schedule.
  • If participants cancel after the closing date they will lose 40% of the total amount paid to ZCA.
  • Participants agree to comply with the behaviour contract as set out below
    • No illegal drugs or alcohol allowed
    • No smoking by any of the participants
    • No damage to equipment in all the sites and hotels that are visited by them
    • No dangerous articles are allowed (knives, fireworks, firearms etc)
    • No climbing on buildings and walls
    • No littering or vandalism to property
    • No leaving the premises unless in company of one of the officials of ZCA and ensure that they are with the group at all times.
    • No stealing
    • Be orderly, courteous and polite to every member of staff
    • Avoid quarrelling, arguing or fighting with other members on the excursion or members of staff or members of the public
    • No use of abusive language and being disrespectful to anyone during the entire trip
    • Take care of all equipment and the environment.
    • No bullying or fighting with anyone both within ZCA or at all during the whole excursion.


Documents required:

  • Passport with visa
  • Advance fee of £500
  • Medical certificate of child/children
  • Completed consent form with all relevant details
  • Completed declaration before a Notary/solicitor intention to return to Nigeria at the end of the excursion.