Newsletter – April 2013

Friday, 12th April, 2013

Dear Parent,

It is with delight to God that I acknowledge your partnership in not only seeking to raise Godly seed in our generation but also seeing that their lives are rounded in Christ; as we jointly seek to establish the Kingdom of God here in Luton, Bedfordshire and the British Isles.

The summer term begins in earnest on Monday the 15th of April. Here are a few notices you should carefully read as they affect you and the learning of your child or children:

  1. A Parent Orientation & Engagement Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday the 23rd of May at the official ZCA school site @ 8 Coltsfoot Green from 19:00 to 21:00 hrs. Could all parents endeavor to attend.
  2. Monthly academic fees is priced at £150.00 for each pupil in the month of April, 2013. I also feel that it is important to inform you all that we at ZCA run a ’11 month academic year’ and fees are expected to be remitted to the school account every month except the month of August which falls at a season associated with the long vacation. In future, you will be reminded through our monthly newsletter of what the rates are. Special thanks to all those who have made an enquiry about fees and have credited ZCA to date.
  3. Please join us in praying about the possibility of an ‘Expansion Programme’. This property is intended to be acquired as a multi-functional premise for School, Fellowship, Chapel and living quarters. This facility is planned to be developed to meet Ofsted requirement.

If there are any matters of concern about what we do and how we operate at Zion Christian Academy, do not hesitate to speak to Bola Aganna, Christie Alhassan, Apollos Alhassan or myself.

God bless you has you seek to contribute your daily quota to the establishment of the Kingdom of God in the heart of your children and the community where you dwell; here on earth.