Newsletter – February 2013

Sunday, 10 February, 2013

Dear Parent,

2013 is well under way and we thank the LORD for the help he has provided and giving us this far i.e. into the Spring term. We of the ZCA wish to bring to your attention the following notices as we hope to continue to encourage an active participation with us as your extended family, for indeed we are of one family – The Family of God.

  1. The school breaks up for the half term break in the evening of Friday the 15th of February. We plan to resume normal academic activities on Monday the 25th of February.
  2. An Open Day Event is being planned for Saturday the 9th of March from 1:00pm till 3:00pm. A detailed invitation will be forwarded to you by text closer the time. This event will provide us with the opportunity to hear from some of the pioneers of Christian Education in Europe as well as other Home Schoolers within the environs of Bedfordshire and the pupils of ZCA will also feature prominently by performing role plays, songs and memory verses to our delight and the pleasure to all those whom we shall invite and who we hope will honor our invitation. We encourage you to invite some of your friends including family members who you feel will benefit immensely from this learning venture that seeks to put the principles of God’s word at the forefront of academic pursuits.
  3. Monthly academic fees remain the same in the month of February at £150:00 per pupil and thanks to those who have already made prompt remittance.

May I conclude this month’s newsletter by stating that we of the Zion Christian Academy are happy to be appointed by the Lord into this role of being stewards over the precious life’s giving to you and we count it a privilege to be able to put our faculties to use in the service of God in the LORD’s vineyard. Our prayer is that we will be found faithful at His coming. Please do continue to pray for us as we do for you and your children.