Newsletter – January 2013

Thursday 10th January, 2013

Dear Parent,

May I take this opportunity to congratulate you in taking an additional step of honoring Christ as we enter the year 2013. Although time is only a figment of imagination in the mind of man, we feel that a unique season has been presented before us, for our children to be continually taught of the Lord. We pray that as we seize the moment, we would be found to serve Him; more faithfully as He continues to empower us by the Holy Spirit.

Two of the activities listed below are just part of a number of many other activities that have been lined up to help improve the leading experiences of the pupils at ZCA:

  1. ZCA Saturday School is to start again very soon. Date to be confirmed.
  2. An Open Day event is scheduled for Saturday 2nd March, 2013. Time to be confirmed.

Once again, we of Zion Christian Academy pray for the continued success of your child as they grow and learn in order to fulfill the heavenly mandate set by God for their lives and as many that the Lord, God shall call and choose.