Newsletter – January 2016

Wednesday, 27th January, 2016

Dear Parent/Carer,

Following the invoices emailed, thanks to you, who have thus far credited the accounts of ZCA C.i.C.

We have a number of interesting events lined up from now until when important examinations are taken for SATs and GCSEs in May and June. We will do our best to keep relevant parties updated by phone, text and email.

ZCA staff will be away on training next Thursday 4th February, this will result to a closure of the ‘After-school’ session at ‘The Holy Cross’ on that day. Please bear this in mind!

Now, an early notification is in place to end the spring term with an award ceremony on Saturday the 12th of March from 13:00 to 15:00 hours. A dress rehearsal at 12:00 noon will precede the main event. Please, it is important that you make yourself available by keeping this date in your diaries. At this event, we plan to recognise and reward our children for their hard work and outstanding behaviour and attitude to learning.

You may have also received some messages form Mrs. A A Aganna about ‘Summer Camp’ 2016 from Monday 25th July to Monday 1st of August.  Please do respond appropriately. A deposit of £20 is needed before 29th January in order to secure the required accommodation.

I hope the next six weeks are fruitful in learning and in all that we do in the name of the LORD.

Yours faithfully,

Mr K A Aganna
For & behalf of the ZCA C.i.C