Newsletter – November 2016

Tuesday 1st November, 2016

Dear Parents / Carers,

I greet you in the name of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ and trust that it is well with you and your soul.

Please, note the following dates in your diary:-

a) We resume our ‘After-school’ tuition service on Thursday 10th, 2016 at the usual time and the usual venue.

b) Autumn Term 2016 Award ceremony is scheduled for Thursday 8th December between 16:00 and 18:00 hrs, with a dress rehearsal the day before. Being a week day, please plan to attend.

c) ‘Zion day’ will take place on Saturday, 10th December at 14:30 hrs. This get-together provides an opportunity for in-depth Bible study, social interaction and relaxation; which normally, is not possible at the tuition centre. Further details about this event will be provided by text on WhatsApp; nearer the day.

d) A quick reminder to our Zion aren’t who haven’t paid for this term to please remit to our accounts ASAP.

Thank you.

Kayode Aganna

For & on behalf of the board