Newsletter – October 2015

Monday, 19th October, 2015

Dear Parent / Carer,

The new academic year took off with a bang as we are now in the process of rounding down learning activities for a week’s break as we see darker and shorter days appear with the change in time for those of us in the UK. It is important that I let you know that we of ZCA C.i.C have particularly struggled with keeping our commitment to ensure that academic balance is achieved by the half term break.

As writing this newsletter, no pupil has reached the half term target of completing 10 PACEs, checked and tested to date. The reason for this is clear, without parents making remittance to our bankers at the start of an academic year or by the 1st of every month, we would not be in position to order and procure the necessary workbooks for these goals to be reached.

We are now breaking up, this autumn, for the half term at 18:00 hrs on Thursday the 22nd of October to resume on 16:00 hrs on Wednesday the 4th of November. With regards to the forgone discuss, please let us have a change of heart for the 1st of November, by ensuring that the ZCA account is credited to procure paces for intensive learning, i.e. in the run up to the end of term by 3rd week in December.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Kayode Aganna
The Administrator
For & on behalf of ZCA C.i.C