Summer Camp 2016

Hello Zion parents and friends,

That time of the year has come again to think about holidays!!! However this time we’re doing it a lot earlier, for better planning. We’ve discovered an excellent self catering accommodation in North Wales with on-site play and swimming  facilities. We have also located some exciting activities in the locality for your children. The choice in this case is yours. Here’s a comprehensive list of everything together with prices per child.

Week 1
Dates: 25th Jul to 1st Aug 2016

Accommodation, travel and food plus activities: £399

  1. Tram trip up the great Orme and an interesting visit to the copper mines.
  2. Greenwood forest park – an exciting fun filled adventure centre including a little fee for transport

We’ve also got details of other activities like surfing, kayaking, zip climbing, treetop adventure, etc.: £100

Total for week 1: £499

Week 2
Dates: 1st to 8th Aug

New Beach holiday park an excellent park with lots of fun activities to do. Your children will never be bored. Activities include play equipment, swimming pool, beach as well as local visits to tourist attractions. We will also take the children on educational trips to the Science Museum, the History Museum where the children will learn about dinosaurs and other things to do with our past, present and future.

Accommodation, transport and food: £399

Excellent activities on site and also trips to include tour around London by bus and boat ride and visits to London Eye, HMS Belfast and other attractions: £100

Total for week 2: £499

Total for 2 weeks: £998

We need a response by 20th March so if you’re interested you need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £100 which is required from our hosts. › visits › hms-belfast

Details of how to book are enclosed herewith togerher with forms and documents required.

We reserve the right to change or vary events or prices due to availability or other reasons.