The PLACE Programme

The PLACE Programme is a support service provided by Bedford Borough Council for families who have chosen to home educate their children. PLACE provides support for children between the ages of 4 and 16 through a busy programme of enrichment activities and specialist-led support sessions across a range of 9 GCSE subjects.

Vitally, PLACE provides a context in which home educating families can come together to give mutual support and contribute to the management of the programme’s resources.

Families are eligible to join PLACE if they live within a 25-mile radius of Bedford and are able to travel to regular PLACE provision.

Prospective families need to ensure that their youngsters are on their own home local authority’s EHE (elective home-education) register prior to making application to PLACE.

If you want to find out more about PLACE, start by having a look at PLACE’s web site:

Having examined the website, if you feel that you would like to join PLACE then send an email to indicating that you would like to join:  the programme’s manager will invite you in to meet for an initial chat.