Year 2018

Re-classification of ZCA C.I.C

Monday 20th November, 2017

Dear Parents,

It is with gratitude to God that we hereby announce that Zion Christian Academy C.I.C has been reclassified as a ‘dormant’ company both with Companies House and HMRC for Corporate Tax purposes. This means that as from Monday the 6th of November, 2017 we have ceased from being active and are therefore no longer trading.

Although this decision has been unanimously made by the directors of ZCA C.I.C, our hearts are rest assured that the LORD has something else in mind with regard to the collective upbringing of Christian Children in the environs where we live.

We also wish to inform you that we have not taken this decision lightly as we are aware that we have a duty of care and accountability in this country and the society where we live and reside.

Please pray with us and for us; that has God as seen it fit to ‘stop the ministry of the Ravens and the Brook, we will hear His voice with regards to the widow woman that is able to sustain the agenda of Christian Education…’ (I Kings 17:2-16).

Thanks once again for sharing in this ministry of Christian Education in Luton, Bedfordshire.


Yours faithfully,


Kayode Aganna

For & On Behalf of ZCA C.I.C

Luton, England